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ExactCODE is a research and development company. The main working field is GNU/Linux base technology for special environments - ranging from embedded systems to server, from high performance cluster solutions to workstations and many more.


With skills in both, system and application software and hardware development, as well as system administration we will create individual products combining existing software modules with new code developed for your purpose. The focus lies on real-time, multimedia streaming applications and communication solutions.


We have the knowledge to build custom systems on many different architectures including ARM, AVR32, Blackfin, MIPS, PowerPC, SPARC, SuperH as well as x86-64. This also includes SIMD assembly to accelerate hot code pathes on various platforms (Altivec, SSE, VIS, to name a few).


Specifically we usually prepare Embedded Linux systems, Board Support Packages, Carrier Grade Linux and High Performance Cluster systems.


With years of experience and deep insight into any aspect of a Linux system or distribution we also provide consulting facilities to migrate or adapt other Open-Source components.


In addition we also offer consulting services and Embedded Linux training courses and workshops.


Please contact us to get a quote or in the case you need further information.